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Services Overview

M. I. B. Chock, LLC offers a wide range of Information Technology related services to our clients.


M. I. B. Chock, LLC’s forensic litigation consulting services include analytical research and expert witness testimony. Our extensive experience and expertise has made a difference in the outcome of many cases for more than 14 years, Including court cases and cases we saved from requiring litigation. Case studies referenced here provide you a sampling of the scope of our assistance and experience.

How We Help:

  • Expert Data Extraction – a specialty from M.I.B. Chock, LLC. Many of our cases have required that we develop our own tools for fast analysis of large quantities of data. Far too frequently clients’ initial data comes to us completely out of context, and often from the wrong time frame, addressing irrelevant topics rather than the issues under litigation. We’re frequently able to redirect the investigation to areas more useful to our client to pursue – or reasons to settle more quickly.
  • Expert Research and Analysis for Clarity, Timeliness and Narrative.
    Individual and team-based forensic research, analysis and expert witness are part of our services as required for each specific case. Our expert witness teams may include other specialists such as data capture experts, lawyers, translators of Information Technology issues to legal issues, and other domain experts such as specialists in certain programming languages or the litigants’ industries. Working individually or as a team, as appropriate, we establish what actually happens in IT-related cases: who, what, when, where, how and why.
  • Translation from Technical to Legal.
    Upon completion of all technical analysis and research, the real issues of each case are extracted and put into context, in an understandable form, and with reference to the relevant documents. Taking a broad view of each case lets us spot critical issues in unexpected parts of the data, for example, we sometimes save clients significant expense by spotting issues that can close a case quickly.

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Maximizing returns on technology investments is a key business management goal, especially at the corporate level. M.I. B. Chock, LLC assists in maximizing returns by helping organizations understand, defend, plan and develop new or improved computer services that also incorporate the mass of conflicting detail involved in balancing:

  • Organization Goals
  •  Business Processes
  • New Technologies
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Technical Standards
  • Support and Maintenance Responsibilities
  • Environmental Impact, etc.,

The information technology experience and expertise of M.I. B. Chock, LLC spans organizations of all sizes – startups, small and medium-sized companies, to Fortune 500 enterprises. We provide services appropriate to companies of every size. Often our expertise is needed to assist with startup IT management needs, growth, and future expansion. Larger companies contact us for our technology auditing and IT strategic planning assistance. Click here to see all that we do.


M.I.B. Chock, LLC has its roots in the system development industry and provides consulting services to developers and managers of the development process. Margaret Chock has been designing and developing computer systems for decades, evolving with changes in technology and improvements in best practices, gaining experience as the same issues surface over and over.

Margaret frequently works with associates who also have years of experience in designing and developing computer systems. Together they have helped clients through the full life cycle of developing new computer systems and the procedures to use them, and in many other cases through just a single part of the process.

Use our experience and expertise to help you through specific growth and expansion needs that are challenging your own capabilities and expertise. Is it a legal issue or an implementation issue? Do you need A-Z project assistance or help with just a single element? Let us know your need.

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