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Our Clients

Organizations of all sizes from startups to Global 500 multinationals have benefited from our services, in the Biomedical, Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing, Transportation, Utility, Government, Financial, and Nonprofit sectors.

What Our Clients Say:​​

  • "..impartiality in working with the various hardware and software vendors...would be happy to hire her again..." 

  • "...exceptional diligence and strong creativity...exceptionally fine person to work with...helpful to colleagues...able and highly adaptable person...pleasant to work with and a good collaborator...responsible, meets deadlines... contributions deal with the essential nature of the technical problem succinctly and ably...a creative and original worker."

  • ".. the epitome of professionalism...moral and ethical standards are impeccable...found her work to be of the highest quality...her peers hold her in high esteem...responsible assignments which she has carried out with vigor and completeness."

  • "outstanding performance... professionalism...timeliness...dedication and commitment provided a quality finished product...job well done..." 

  • "work was excellent and was completed within her time and cost estimates. This is especially noteworthy since conditions required her to work under severe time constraints...professional standards...ability to interface effectively with personnel at all levels made this project a pleasant experience." 

  • "...work for us was excellent, and fully met our expectations." 
  • “...this outcome would have been impossible without your analysis and willingness to endure my barrage of questions'
  • "Thank you for all your work on this case and making yourself available repeatedly at the last moment. It was a big factor in settling this case to have access to a precise and competent source of knowledge at all times.”

Client Industries

Our training, experience, skills and knowledge have allowed us to provide benefits to clients in a wide range of industries.

Biomedical Research

Developed the Information Technology architecture and managed IT for a small pharmaceutical research facility, providing systems for image processing, experiment data management, and chemical library notebooks. We analyzed the process for ordering chemical reagents, and helped avoid a bar code system that would have been less efficient than the current manual methods.


Analyzed accounting and laboratory management requirements for a medical laboratory, and helped our clients develop a Request for Proposal for those systems. We built radiology software for a hospital. For two legal cases, we analyzed the software used in tracking laboratory accounts receivable, and drugs dispensed by a retail pharmacy. For another case, we analyzed the implementation of a hospital emergency medical records system.


M. I. B. Chock, LLC has its roots in the software industry. We developed an internal product for data base management and data manipulation for multi-modal images and other types of two- and three-dimensional data, and attempted to market it. We have worked with technical service companies to develop both accounting and technical software, and to analyze extension of a software product as a basis for a product line. We have researched several legal cases involving system and software vendors -- patent analysis, theft of software source code, licensing of source code, effectiveness of system implementation projects (including, in one case, discovering sabotage by the client), and software valuation.

Aerospace Design & Manufacturing

Managed several projects for a small aerospace design and manufacturing firm, developed Information Technology policies and procedures, and took over management of a department of 13 people when its manager quit at the height of the Year 2000 panic. Held the team together, wrote most of the disaster recovery plan, and ensured that all critical systems kept working.

As the small aerospace firm merged into a Fortune Global 500 firm, we worked with other large companies across North America and Europe on one of the two proposal teams for what we believed might be the world's largest-ever aerospace contract. Our particular team videoconferenced with the other other top-tier firms to choose software for managing the project, and to design and build the proposal team's extranet linking but protecting the individual companies.

We worked with a Fortune 500 consulting company to outsource Information Technology for this aerospace firm, integrating 11 sites across the United States, rationalizing the software catalog, developing the project management curriculum, and training project managers.


Our transportation-related projects include development of software for a large government transportation agency, a commuter ride-sharing agency, a pavement management system developer, and a freight forwarder. We have worked on legal cases involving warehouse management and railroad train management.


Working with a civil engineering firm, we helped define requirements for a very large city's wastewater pipeline management system, analyzed potential system vendors, and designed and developed custom software. We helped the same firm define requirements for a private utility's pipeline management system, and defined mapping requirements and analyzed vendors for a company that provided leak detection services.

Land Management (Government & Private)

Established the information technology capabilities for a large port, which had relied on remote terminals supported by other organizations, designed around a GIS. We defined the requirements for an enterprise computer system, and managed it through the full development life cycle: system design, site preparation, installation, staff training, integration of legacy applications, pilot projects, several months of production use, upgrades, expansion, and establishment of an Information Systems Division, coordinating more than 30 people.

Worked with photogrammetry companies and civil engineering firms to develop data translation procedures and software among various Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide map data to ports, cities, and developers. We helped write the GIS Strategy planning document for a large city, and developed the GIS requirements and project plan for a smaller one. We developed geographic remote sensing software that provided the basis for further image processing research in a large university (in medical imaging as well), and developed algorithms to improve remote sensing software for a space agency.


Designed the metadata for an insurance risk system. Research for lawsuits has involved development of computer systems for insurance companies and ownership of software for credit card processing companies. Another required review of a computer leasing company's procedures; still another, detection of tampering with client data for an investment advisor.


Our experience with nonprofits includes decades of volunteer work with multiple professional and charitable organizations, as well as actual consulting. We developed requirements for accounting software for one nonprofit organization, and analyzed vendors. For another, we analyzed office procedures and developed member tracking and statistical software. For several small organizations we developed member databases and directory reports.

As a volunteer, Margaret took over a nonprofit committee overseeing more than two dozen different programs that was suddenly left leaderless, and managed it for three years.

  • Biomedical Research
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Aerospace Design & Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Land Management (Government & Private)
  • Financial
  • Nonprofit