When your problem is so complicated you need
a PhD in Computer Science to sort it out,
contact us!

There is new urgency to transform “traditional” ways of doing business – to be able to work independently, to streamline internal processes, to redeploy staff in new ways of interacting with customers and clients. Last year’s costs of doing business may now be much higher.

We can help, providing expert, objective, third-party advice on Information Technology issues that can impact your organization:

  • Information Technology Management Advice
  • System Development - Analysis & Coordination
  • Forensic Research & Expert Witness Consulting

New Book!          IT Management for Little* Companies
 * from one-person shops to just too small to have information technology staff

Use us to identify the best solutions(s) for your needs.

Use our technical depth, knowledge of industry best practices and formal standards, and our broad experience … experience that has evolved through many changes in technology and has been gleaned as the same issues surface over and over.

Use our experience and expertise to help you through specific growth and expansion needs that are challenging your own resources. Is it a legal issue or an implementation issue? Do you need A-Z project assistance or help with just a single element? Let us know your need.