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In Margaret Chock's decades-long career in computer science and information technology she has consulted for, been employed by, and or volunteered with organizations small, medium, and huge. As a PhD in Computer Science (UCLA) and Certified as a Management Consultant (Institute of Management Consultants) she has helped numerous organizations solve problems in managing technology, developing solutions to technical problems, and sorting out the issues in legal disputes. She is author of Information Technology Management for Little Companies in addition to various technical papers.

As an active member of several technical organizations she can draw on networks of specialists for any additional (or alternative) help you might require. The Institute of Management Consultants in particular provides a source of Certified consultants in a variety of areas, with a strong code of ethics.

She has been Principal of M. I. B. Chock, LLC (formerly M. I. B. Chock), since 1982, except for a 6-year span spent gaining experience in the Information Technology departments of a fast-growing aerospace company, a Fortune 500 consulting company, and a small research laboratory.

At BAE Systems, Margaret managed projects and developed the IT project management methodology, and served as interim Department Manager. At Computer Sciences Corp., she helped integrate the project management methodologies and software portfolios of 11 client sites. At PETNet Pharmaceuticals, she established the basic Information Technology capabilities and infrastructure for their research institute, while starting up their image processing research program.

Earlier consulting activities involved software development, project management, and the establishment of enterprise-level Information Technology capabilities.

Dr. Chock has BA degrees in Mathematics and Anthropology from University of California, Santa Barbara, and an MS and PhD. in Computer Science from UCLA.

She is Certified as a Management Consultant by the Institute of Management Consultants, and is subject to the IMC Code of Ethics. Click here to see the Code of Ethics.

Professional & Technical Organizations

Margaret has been an active participant in a number of professional and technical organizations, in order to stay abreast of the latest business and technical issues and to find technical specialists and other resources that may be useful to her clients:

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM),
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)
  • Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA),
  • Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA),
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
    Consultants Network and Computer Society,
  • Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)
    Past President, Southern California Chapter
  • Los Angeles Venture Association,
  • Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce,
  • Southern California Biomedical Council,
  • Technology Council of Southern California
  • UCLA Engineering Alumni.

Publications & Presentations

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  • Chock, M. I.,"Information Technology for startups," UCLA Technology Incubator (7/09)
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  • Chock, M. I., "PICDMS: a general-purpose geographic modeling system," 5th International Symposium on Computer-Assisted Cartography, Washington, D. C., American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (8/82).
  • Chock, M. I.; and Klinger, A.; "A new approach to computer network cost modeling with medical applications," World Congress: Medical Informaticsand Developing Countries, Mexico City, 2/82, to be published in Medical Informatics and Developing Countries, ed. by de Talens, A. Fernandez; Molino, E.; and Shires, D. B; North-Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam.
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  • Chock, M. I., Field Problems with Irregular Boundaries: Modifications of PDEL, Masters' Thesis, UCLA (1977).

How We Work

To maximize the return from your technology investments, M. I. B. Chock, LLC helps your organization understand, defend, plan and develop new or improved computer services, managing the mass of conflicting detail involved in balancing:

  • Your organization's goals,
  • Your business processes,
  • New technologies,
  • Industry best practices,
  • Regulatory requirements,
  • Technical standards,
  • Responsibility for support and maintenance,
  • Environmental impact, etc.,

We have been designing and developing computer systems for decades, evolving with changes in technology and improvements in best practices, gaining experience as the same issues surface over and over.


If your problem's so complicated ... I'm available. 

How We Work